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December 12th, 2017
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Aging Aluminum System


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There is no parallel in the industry when it comes to DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC ‘s aerospace designs, training and support services.

– Robert, from a Naval Sheet Metal Support Company


At DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC, we speak your language, know your aerospace requirements and deliver exactly what you need. Richard Conway, Founder and CTO of DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC, developed his love for aircraft during his time serving in the United States Air Force. Early in his career and development of the company, he found that many of his clients were from the aerospace industry and expressed the same challenges—their current “standard” furnaces and ovens supplied by most manufacturers do not meet the high demands required in the aviation community. Knowing there was nothing on the market that would entirely meet his customer’s heat-treat needs, Richard set out to develop a division of the company that was 100% devoted to the aerospace industry—which began the Genesis of the DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Furnace, a system that has been embraced by many major OEM and MRO companies since 1998. What makes us different from our competition is that we design and build our systems from the ground up around the needs and high demands of the aviation industry. An example of this is the compact size and small footprint of the           DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Furnace. Through his research, Richard found that upwards of 85% of aircraft parts are actually just 3 feet or less in length—eliminating the need for a large and expensive drop-bottom system. No detail is left to the imagination when it comes to our designs and you and your team can be completely confident that your system will meet your needs for years to come.

Air Carrier MRO

“For what a DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Furnace brings to an MRO – it is priceless!”


An air cargo company was facing increasing concerns with replacing structural components with the older aircraft of their fleet.

  • Parts can be fabricated but must be heat treated for desired hardness and strength
  • Modern requirements make this process more intimidating
  • Heat treating is outsourced increasing cost due to expense of vendor and expediting fees
  • Lead time was 3-5 days when process time ranged from 9-25 hours typically


The cargo company decided to in-source heat treating.Upon deciding to purchase a new oven the cargo company found four manufacturers that could provide a unit capable of processing their parts, but one, the DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Dual Chamber Furnace / Oven had features that made the others pale in comparison. Read More..


I am sure that we will be calling DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC in the future as we continue to grow. Thank you for the efforts and guidance to get us up and running with the systems. Our DCAHT does work great, and the guys are pleased with it. Jorge Diaz Hangar Manager, PEMCO World Air Services

The DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Furnace design, training and support services have no parallel in industry and are ideal for aircraft MRO facilities. Naval Air Station Patuxent River

The DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC aluminum heat treating system proved itself for our tough aerospace requirements. Tom Young Director of Maintenance, ST Aerospace

DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC was able to come up with an economical composite oven solution for my aerospace business that far exceeded my expectations. All from 2500 miles away and never meeting. Thanks! Kevin Eldredge Owner, Kee Ventures

DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC’s knowledge of aluminum heat treating processes allowed us to acquire an oven that was capable of meeting or exceeding all aerospace pyrometry specifications at a low cost with solid training, technical, and warranty support. Jeff Bonner President, Jeff Bonner R&D

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