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November 22nd, 2017
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“For what a DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Furnace brings to an MRO – it is priceless!”


An air cargo company was facing increasing concerns with replacing structural components with the older aircraft of their fleet.

  • Parts can be fabricated in-house but must be heat treated for desired hardness and strength
  • Modern aerospace pyrometry requirements make this process more intimidating
  • Heat treating is outsourced which increases our costs due to expense of vendor and expediting fees
  • Lead time was 3-5 days when the actual “process time” for heat treating a part ranged from 9-25 hours typically
  • Due to the critical nature of the parts, we could make 2-3 of them and hope that at least one would come back that could be placed on an aircraft


The cargo company decided to in-source heat treating.Upon deciding to purchase a new oven the cargo company found four manufacturers that could provide a unit capable of processing their parts, but one, “the DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Dual Chamber Furnace / Oven had features that made the others pale in comparison“.

  • Built specifically for aerospace pyrometry and aviation grade aluminum heat treating
  • Low temperature aging oven on top with high temperature solution heat treating furnace on bottom
  • Roll-away quench tank
  • Over / Under design features reduce the required footprint – where space is a premium in our sheet metal back shop
  • Certified working volume of 24″ wide, 16″ high and 72″ deep would accommodate 95% of our parts
  • Made in the USA


The DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC field engineer spent over a week providing full training to our staff including operators, QC personnel, and “Trainers” who became certified by DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC to train operators and QC personnel as qualified. DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC provided a very comprehensive operating manual including all forms and all certifications necessary for compliance to AMS-2750E. As a result of the investment in a DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC system, the company saw:

  • Elimination of AOG issues due to heat treating – a savings of $50K to $150K per day
  • Savings from out-sourcing and expediting fees
  • Rapid ROI of less than a year
  • Accelerating C check TAT per aircraft

It is reasonable to say that the actual ROI could be as little as one week and for what the DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Furnace means to our company – it is priceless!


A major aircraft parts manufacturer needed a large capacity furnace for solution heat treating parts of sheet metal, lightweight and varying in size but up to 10 feet long and 3 feet wide and/or 2 feet high.


The parts manufacturer had a choice between a drop-bottom furnace and a DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC single chamber furnace. The drop-bottom furnace required a significantly large footprint as well as height in the facility. In comparison to a drop-bottom furnace, a manual quench DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC furnace had virtually no moving parts other than the fan which translated to no maintenance concerns. The drop-bottom furnace had:

  • The basket and cable system for lowering the load
  • The drive system for the tank
  • An additional crane for removing parts from the quench

The DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC furnace was also a fraction of the cost compared to the drop-bottom furnace and provided everything needed to meet production requirements for a leading manufacturer’s aircraft parts.


This system has been in production since 2010 and as a result the company has seen:

  • No lost production time due to maintenance issues
  • Consistency in meeting all TUS requirements with precision temperature control
  • 10 feet long parts being quenched in just under 3 seconds

Additionally, the system features “Aging Mode” which allows the furnace “to behave like an oven” and meet aerospace pyrometry standards down to 220°F.


A major Northwest USA MRO was losing production time and money by outsourcing their heat treating.


The company decided to in-source heat treating with a DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC furnace.


The Vice President of the company is elated stating “The DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC system delivered exactly what was promised.” With their furnace, the company has seen:

  • A system which performs flawlessly with no breakdowns
  • No lost production time or TAT due to heat treating
  • A significant decrease in heat treating expenses
  • AOGs prevented
  • Quality control improved and scrap parts / rework virtually eliminated

In just 11 months the DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Furnace had paid for itself with heat treating expenses alone, but by preventing AOGs, minimizing TAT and improving QC the DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Furnace had an ROI in practically no time. Due to the outstanding performance of their DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Furnace the company is putting an identical system in a new facility in the near future as part of their SOP for aircraft aluminum sheet metal work.

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