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December 12th, 2017
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Heat Treating Forum: AMS2750E Acceptable as an Option to BAC5621

The following information was taken from a Heat Treating Forum at the MTI website. It is a topic of discussion and is subject to interpretation and clarification. You may adopt AMS-2750E in its entirety, in lieu of BAC-5621. This is applicable to Boeing Commercial. Currently, Boeing Military has not adopted AMS-2750E yet. One thing to be aware of is that if you are processing to Boeing specifications, such as BAC-5602, BAC-5617, etc., you will still need to meet the instrumentation types and...

Want to be a MRO superhero? Do a Heat Treat ROI (Return Of Investment) for your company!

By Bill Cipparrone, Director of Sales and Marketing at DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC. For MROs a Heat Treat ROI is a great way to get your company money!  Especially if you are sending out thousands of dollars of parts for heat treating every month.  Do you send several of the same part to your heat treat source to insure that hopefully, one will come back ok?  Have you ever played that game?  Or have you had to ground an aircraft for a day or two because the part you needed would not be...

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