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Things to Consider When Purchasing an Industrial Oven:

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Things to consider when purchasing an Industrial Oven or Furnace This blog explains the importance of hardness, heat treating, stress, and design that must be considered when purchasing an industrial oven. Hardness Requirements Hardness requirements describe which hardness tests (Rockwell, Brinell, etc.) and range are required. For tool steels, a three-point hardness range is desirable, such as “Rockwell C 60-62.” Five to six points below Rockwell C 50 should be allowed in hardness. Inspection locations and critical areas in which hardness tests are not allowed should be noted. Stock removal for preparing surfaces for hardness checks should be noted, if…

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Want to be a MRO superhero? Do a Heat Treat ROI (Return Of Investment) for your company!

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For MROs a Heat Treat ROI is a great way to get your company money!  Especially if you are sending out thousands of dollars of parts for heat treating every month.  Do you send several of the same parts to your heat treat source to ensure that hopefully, one will come back ok?  Have you ever played that game?  Or have you had to ground an aircraft for a day or two because the part you needed would not be ready for a week?  I wonder how happy management was about that? Well, don’t worry about this anymore.  Be a…

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