Composite Curing Walk-In Oven

Composite materials are rapidly changing the face of aviation and the need for reliable composite curing walk-in ovens that are built to meet aerospace standards, have quick delivery and are still competitively priced is ever increasing. Faced with purchasing risky used systems or expensive new systems with long lead time for delivery, DELTA H recognized this fact and introduced a completely modular fast-build composite curing walk-in oven design that has been tried and proven.

Designed to complement our, Standard Duty DELTA H Walk-In Series Models, our Aerospace Composite Curing Walk-In Oven System is designed to cure advanced composite materials specifically used in the aviation and aerospace industries. The oven can feature multiple zones of temperature control, gas heated, controlled cooling to 130°F (optional), doors on one end(standard), data logging functions, parts tracking software, vacuum system support with multiple internal quick connector ports, vacuum sensor transducers, recording of applied vacuum to batch tracking software and data logging software, ports for bag sensors(vacuum system optional), certified thermocouples and guaranteed temperature uniformity of less than +/-5°F (+/-3°F typical) on your composite curing system. The oven and control system exceeds AMS2750G previously known as AMS2750E and Nadcap requirements for aerospace pyrometry. Our advanced controller/ recorders packages include optional network/ Wi-Fi connectivity allowing you to monitor processing performance from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Capable of operating as a Class 1 system at temperatures up to 850F depending on your specific requirements, our composite curing walk-in ovens are unbeatable in performance and cost.

  • Temperature uniformity: Plus or minus 5°F guaranteed – as an AMS2750G Class 1 oven. Typical uniformity with a DELTA H Aerospace oven is +/-2°F uniformity or better – after performing a precision heat balance and uniformity tests
  • Fast Delivery: Typically 4-6 weeks for standard models, gas or electric heat
  • Burner: The heating system utilizes a custom ETL-listed Jet Fire forced-induction burner with an integrated combustion supply fan.  The heating unit adjusts “on the fly” in response to the control panel’s PID fuzzy logic controller.
  • Easy To Assemble Kit Ovens: Available as a kit can option full on-site assembly and start-up which includes training.
  • Meet AMES2750F and Nadcap Standards: As applicable, Class 1 qualification, Instrumentation Type A, B, C & D
  • Data Acquisition Systems: State of the Art controls and data acquisition systems with full network capabilities
  • Composite Curing Walk-In Oven construction: The oven walls, ceiling, and roof are made of 20 gauge or thicker
    aluminized steel. The oven utilizes a double panel design. The interior walls and roof are formed into 4″,6” or 8″ (depending
    on model)panels to receive factory-supplied insulation. Rock Wool brand mineral wool insulation of at least 6# density is
    inserted between these inner panels and the external skins during installation.
    Modular Design: The modular design of the system allows for the placement of the Heater Box Unit and control panel  on the
    sides, back or top of the oven
  • One Year Warranty: Full warranty for one year, two-year warranty available including PM Service Inspections
  • 24/7 Service Support: All DELTA H Aerospace Systems include unlimited teleconsulting for anything

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