DELTA H Military Aircraft Services

DELTA H specializes in military aircraft heating systems called Dual Chamber Aerospace Heat Treating (DCAHT®). These highly specialized furnaces provide crucial heat-treating capacity for military aircraft while adhering to the strict calibration and record standards of the Armed Forces.

DELTA H’s DCAHT® furnaces are designed exclusively to comply with the strict aerospace / military pyrometry standards AMS2750Fand USAF/NAVAIR Technical Order 1-1A-9. The furnaces are also built in accordance with the aviation industry’s uncompromising expectations for reliability and performance.

With this exclusive technology, all aviation-grade metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and ferrous alloys can be rapidly heat treated in a single system. This minimizes critical downtime for mission-critical aircraft.

About Delta-H Technologies:

DELTA H manufactures heat treating equipment for the aerospace industry that meets and exceeds the strict and demanding requirements called for by AMS2750F and Nadcap accreditation when processing aluminum alloy, tool steel, titanium, PH stainless steel, and composites. DELTA H heat-treating furnaces & ovens are the proven solution for modern aerospace pyrometry standards and the brand of choice for leading aircraft OEMs, MROs, parts suppliers, and the Armed Forces.

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The furnace is one great design. We sure made a great decision going with DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC.

Gene GentileHeat Treat Manager, Frank Roth Company, Inc