DELTA H Military Division

Heat treating is vital to the mission of any airfield.  When you look at any aircraft, it is not difficult to imagine all the metal parts–of which every single one has been processed with heat in some form or another in order to have the necessary properties required.

As an Air Force Veteran-Owned business, DELTA H knows what’s at stake and honored to serve our warfighters. With our exclusive technology designed for AMS2750G and USAF/NAVAIR Technical Order 1-1A-9, all aviation-grade metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and ferrous alloys can be rapidly heat treated in a single system. This minimizes critical downtime for mission-critical aircraft. Our highly specialized furnaces provide crucial heat-treating capacity for military aircraft while adhering to the strict calibration and record standards of the Armed Forces. The furnaces are also built in accordance with the commercial aviation industry’s uncompromising expectations for reliability and performance.

In June of 2020, DELTA H was proud to have announced our new product line designed exclusively for our military customers: The DEFENDER Furnace.

The DEFENDER Furnace was developed to meet the demanding requirements of our armed forces.  Its innovative design and construction combine the best in traditional furnace manufacturing with new lighting principles to produce a compact, lightweight, and space-efficient furnace. This new design provides our Armed Forces with combat support agility; sustaining and supporting their repair capability and additive manufacturing initiatives both on and off the battlefield.


Delta H Military Division

Another successful round of qualified Heat Treaters certified and trained by DELTA H!

DELTA H’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Richard Conway, demonstrating our DEFENDER furnace currently on display at the US Army Rock Island JMTC. The Phillips Additive Innovation Center is located inside the Rock Island Center of Excellence (CoE).
The Phillips Additive Innovation Center is a dedicated space for Phillips Federal to work with the DoD to educate, inspire, and alleviate the DoD’s supply chain challenges.


  • A Legacy of Excellence; the Defender is made with the same exacting standards as all DELTA H products. It meets or exceeds the requirement of USAF/NAVAIR TO 1-1A-9 and AMS2750G required specifications.  It is designed with the same high-quality and performance expectations of the DELTA H “OEM” model series which is used throughout the commercial aircraft industry by clients such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Bombardier, and NASA.
  • The DEFENDER is equally at home in traditional shop environments or battlefield operations. Its modular construction and lightweight insulating materials rival traditional brick and mortar construction and make the DEFENDER optimal for military operations. Immediate availability and ready to meet your Agile Combat Employment (ACE) force projection requirements.
  • A proprietary design feature of the DEFENDER is that it’s “stackable”, meaning bases have the flexibility of choosing a Dual Chamber system, or they could purchase their needed furnace individually as a Single Chamber unit. If provided individually, should a base want to add onto their Single Chamber unit in the future, they can easily order their next furnace and stack it onto their current unit so as to not take up additional floor space with two separate furnace systems.
  • Ultimately Adaptive and Poised to Perform your Agile Combat Employment (ACE) force projection requirements, including the optional deployment power package that matches any available power supply at your deployed location.
  • The DEFENDER series heat treatment capabilities for military aircraft maintenance requirements include aluminum, titanium stress relieving, annealing / aging of PH stainless steel, hardening / tempering of ferrous alloys and tool steels using air or argon atmosphere.
  • The DEFENDER is ready for rapid heating and cooling with features that enable solution heat treatment of aluminum at a high temperature to low temperature aging in less than an hour later in the same chamber.
  • Fast Delivery—the DEFENDER is ready to ship within 8-12 weeks

Phillips Federal Division

With growing demand for high performance and AMS2750G qualified heat treating furnaces within the military, DELTA H is proud to have partnered with Phillips Federal. Phillips Federal is the sole and exclusive distributor of DELTA H furnaces and ovens to the United States Federal Government. Through our partnership with Phillips Federal, as a team we continue to provide unparalleled customer service and the best manufacturing solutions through disruptive technologies and a 100% Federal focus. Phillips Federal is our GSA Schedule Contractor and ITAR Registered. Fill out the contact us form below and a DELTA H and/or Phillips Federal Account Executive will promptly respond.


DELTA H manufactures heat treating equipment for the aerospace, automotive, medical, additive manufacturing, composites industries and many others that meets and exceeds the strict and demanding requirements called for by AMS2750G, BAC5621, Nadcap, CQI-9, and MedAccred when processing aluminum alloy, tool steel, titanium, PH stainless steel, and composites. DELTA H heat-treating furnaces & ovens are the proven solution for the strictest of pyrometry standards and the brand of choice for leading OEMs, Repair Facilities, and Parts Manufacturers. 

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The furnace is one great design. We sure made a great decision going with DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC.

Gene GentileHeat Treat Manager, Frank Roth Company, Inc