Revolutionize Your Processing with DELTA H Walk-In Ovens

DELTA H provides three distinct types of Walk-In Ovens, each designed to cater to unique industrial requirements:

  • Standard Industrial
  • Aerospace Composite Curing
  • Aluminum Aging

Built to deliver high-quality processing solutions at an affordable price, our industrial walk-in ovens can be availed in standard sizes or customized to fit your specific needs.

The DELTA H Advantage: Precision, Efficiency, and Flexibility

All our systems boast our proprietary adjustable directional airflow baffle system, ensuring precise airflow balance and superior temperature uniformity. Double doors are a standard feature; optional second doors allow a complete “pass-through” design. Our high-volume heater box units (HBU) can be gas-fired or electrically heated, depending on your requirements.

To accommodate your setup, the modular design of our HBUs allows placement on the oven’s sides, back, or top. Our oven wall panels are constructed of 20-gauge aluminized steel, with thickness ranging from four inches for ovens up to 500°F to six to eight inches for higher temperature applications.

Delivering Unparalleled Quality

Our walk-in ovens utilize top-tier 6lb mineral wool insulation for optimal temperature distribution. Areas exposed to heavy foot traffic or needing extra structural support, such as insulated flooring, are constructed from 16-gauge, 14-gauge, or 12-gauge aluminized steel. Support framing utilizes quarter-inch thick 4″ x 4″ or 2″ x 3″ epoxy-coated steel tubing for added strength and durability.

Our industrial walk-in ovens are configured to direct hot air into the work volume chamber from both sidewalls. This design ensures excellent temperature uniformity, with exhaust air drawn from the chamber bottom for enhanced efficiency. At DELTA H, we tailor the airflow pattern to meet your product requirements, guaranteeing a successful heat treatment for every batch.


Standard on all models:

  • Multiple Assembly and Start-Up Options: Available as a “Turn Key” system including full on-site guided installation or an easy to build kit system.
  • Do It Yourself Kit Oven: All kit systems include an instructional video and easy to follow assembly instructions.
  • Standard and Custom Designs: Available in wide variety of standard sizes. We will custom-designed to your specific requirements ensuring a successful outcome.
  • Batch Or Continuous: Configured as a standard batch oven and can be converted to a continuous industrial oven.
  • Wide Range of Temperatures: Standard models operate up to 450°F and can be designed to run up to 850°F
  • Customizable Controls and Data Acquisition Technology: All heat treating systems can have customized process control systems for specialized applications. Applications include composite curing and research & development needs. 
  • Precision Temperature Control and Uniformity: Precision temperature uniformity and control are standard on all models
  • Safe and Reliable:  All walk-in oven models are designed to the current versions of NFPA-86 standards for safety and NFPA-79 for controls and wiring. Standard safety devices include high and low-pressure switches. Additional safety shutoff and interlocks come standard on all models. Temperature Alarm system notifies the operator when the temperature has drifted from setpoint. End Of Cycle Alarm that notifies the operator that the cycle has ended and parts are ready to be removed.
  • Logical and Easy to Use Control Panel:  The control enclosure allows the operator to see and understand every aspect of the heating cycle A digital recorder displays the time at temperature and tracks the batch data of the items being heat treated. Optional programmable temperature controls, digital paperless recorders, and touch screen interface controls.
  • Additional Features: Systems include a Temperature Deviation Alarm which notifies the operator when the temperature has drifted from the set point. An End Of Cycle Alarm that notifies the operator that the cycle has ended and parts are ready to be removed A digital recorder displays the time at temperature and tracks the batch data of the items being heat treated The control enclosure includes audible and visual alarms and panel lights for simple operation

Recent Projects!

DELTA H manufacturing custom
composite curing oven for  electric,
self-piloted VTOL aircraft

DELTA H delivers composite curing oven
to aircraft manufacturer

Composite Curing Walk-In Ovens: Taking Efficiency to a New Level

Designed as an upgrade to our standard duty walk-in oven series models, our composite curing oven systems are designed for advanced composite materials used in the aviation, aerospace, automotive and other industries.

Capable of operating as a Class 1 system at temperatures up to 850°F depending on your specific requirements. Our curing ovens are unbeatable in performance and cost!

All oven and control systems exceed AMS2750G previously known as AMS2750E and Nadcap requirements for pyrometry and feature a high volume airflow package. Certified thermocouples are included and temperature uniformity of less than +/-5°F (+/-2°F typical) is guaranteed on all models.

Optional features such as multiple zone temperature control and controlled cooling to 130°F is available on this series of industrial oven.

Optional advanced controller/ recorders packages include network/ Wi-Fi connectivity allowing real-time monitoring of processing performance from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Vacuum systems can be configured with multiple internal quick connect vacuum ports. Optional vacuum sensor transducers relay critical information about each part back to the recorder and batch tracking software. Parts being cured are often of high value and the capability to store information that is traceable to each part is required in order to meet aerospace, automotive and other specifications.

An optional aluminum aging feature is an ideal complement to our single chamber aluminum heat treating systems for aging aircraft grade aluminum following solution heat treatment, forming and straightening.

Our advanced composite curing systems ensure temperature uniformity of +/-5°F, with +/-2°F uniformity or better typical with our aerospace oven. They meet AMS2750G and Nadcap Standards, offer high-volume airflow, and include state-of-the-art controls and data acquisition systems with full network capabilities.

Advanced Composite Curing Systems include:

  • Temperature uniformity: Plus or minus 5°F guaranteed – as an AMS2750G Class 1 oven. Typical uniformity with our aerospace oven is +/-2°F uniformity or better.
  • Airflow: High volume airflow for excellent uniformity
  • Meets AMS2750G and Nadcap Standards: As applicable, Class 1 qualification, Instrumentation Type A, B, C & D
  • Data Acquisition Systems: State of the Art controls and data acquisition systems with full network capabilities
  • Jet Fire forced-induction burner: The heating system utilizes a custom ETL-listed burner and adjusts “on the fly” in response to the control panel’s PID fuzzy logic controller.
  • Composite Curing Walk-In Oven construction: The oven walls, ceiling, and roof are made of 20 gauge or thicker aluminized steel. The oven utilizes a double panel design. The interior walls and roof are formed into 4″,6” or 8″ (depending on model)panels to receive factory-supplied insulation. Rock Wool brand mineral wool insulation of at least 6# density is inserted between these inner panels and the external skins during installation.
  • Modular Design: The modular design of our systems allow for the placement of the Heater Box Unit and control panel  on the sides, back or top of the oven
  • One Year Warranty: Full warranty for one year, two-year warranty available.
  • 24/7 Service Support: All systems include unlimited teleconsulting/ video support

Contact us at 740.756.7676 ext. 104 to discuss a new heat treating system, place an order or review custom options.