Dual Chamber Aerospace Heat Treat System (DCAHT®) 

The DELTA H Dual Chamber Heat Treat Furnace (DCAHT®) is the ideal setup for any aerospace maintenance facility that performs solution and precipitation heat treatment. We offer the only turn-key aerospace heat treatment system that exceeds AMS2750G as well as other specifications. Our state-of-the-art system is the only in-house solution that eliminates the expensive & unexpected delays, improperly heat-treated parts and quality control issues routinely experienced with out-sourcing your heat treating jobs.

Dual Chamber Design:

The unique design of our heat treating system consists of two chambers that operate independently in both control and airflow.  The independent operation reduces the processing time by eliminating the wait time required for equipment to stabilize at different temperatures.

  • The dual chamber system features a 500°F upper chamber and is designed for precipitation hardening or age hardening and a 1200°F lower chamber that is designed for solution heat treating.
  • Stow-away quench tank makes the footprint compact allowing it to fit into any shop corner or hanger.
  • Constructed of 3/16″ epoxy coated steel plate and lined with three types of insulation.
  • All systems include low-density electric heating elements for long life.

First developed in the late 1980’s, our revolutionary Dual Chamber Furnace is now a mandatory standard for leading MROs, OEMs, parts suppliers and armed forces on a global basis. The DELTA H Dual Chamber Furnace ensures that your planes will remain airworthy, mission ready and properly maintained while minimizing turn-time and keeping your organization profitable. We speak the language of the aviation industry and understand there can be no compromise in quality or performance when it comes to “parts that fly”.

Standard features:

  • Process Parts Faster: Unparalleled useability, temperature accuracy, control, and uniformity produces higher quality parts more efficiently.
  • Pyrometry: Meets or exceed all AMS2750G, Nadcap, CQI-9  & other pyrometry standards required for metals processing.
  • Compact:  Small footprint is designed to fit into tight spaces
  • Simplistic Quench: Roll-away quench system with agitation and quench timing
  • Aluminum Version: Features a 500°F upper chamber for precipitation hardening (aging) of aluminum
    and a 1200°F lower chamber for solution heat treating of aluminum, annealing, and aging
  • Standard Model Certified TUS Volume: 18 inches wide, 12 inches high, 48 or 72 inches deep or 24 inches wide, 12 inches high, 48 or 72 inches deep – Contact us for custom sizes
  • All-Inclusive/ Turn-key setup: All inclusive on-site training included for operators and quality control personnel
  • Full service and support: We stock critical spares for overnight delivery with video phone/ Skype teleservice support. 
  • 3 Year Thermocouple Supply: All thermocouples and typical spares are included for a three year supply including non-resident TUS and SAT thermocouples.
  • Temperature Control: Multiple tempreture control and digital paperless recording packages available.
  • Pyrometry Services: Service contracts for TUS and instrument calibration/pyrometry services are available through one of our certified professional partners.
  • Delivery – Warranty: Standard models ship in 6-8 weeks – 1-year warranty, optional 2-year with full-service support

Custom controls, atmosphere control system, recorder systems, and electronics packages, as well as other options, are available upon request.

Contact us at 740.756.7676 ext. 104 to discuss a new heat treating system, place an order or review custom options.