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Understanding Aerospace Heat Treatment: A Beginner’s Guide to Industrial Furnaces and Ovens

Are you new to the aerospace industry and want to learn more about heat treatment processes and equipment? Delta H Technologies has you covered! We are a leading manufacturer of heat treating equipment for aerospace, industrial, and military applications. In this beginner's guide, we will discuss the basics of heat treatment and introduce you to our range of furnaces and ovens designed for aerospace applications. What is Aerospace Heat Treatment? Heat treatment is a crucial process in the aerospace industry, used to enhance the mechanical properties of various metal components. This process involves heating and cooling materials at controlled temperatures…
Media Captain
May 9, 2023

DELTA H® “SUPER DCAHT®” Recognized For 4 Years’ Service To Military Aircraft AOG Support Facility

Southern California: DELTA H® was recently recognized by a major military aircraft support facility for the excellent performance and reliability of a SUPER DCAHT® furnace system supplied 2018. The massive dual chamber furnace system features twin 30” wide, 16” high, and 120” long work volumes, with both being capable of operation from 250°F to 1,200°F as Class 2.  Both chambers feature the exclusive “AGING MODETM” venting system which enable not only low temperature operation, but also rapid cooling. Both chambers are capable of aluminum solution heat treating, annealing, and aging, as well as PH stainless aging and stress relieving. The…
Ellen Conway
March 14, 2023

DELTA H® Provides Winston Heat Treating Two SCAHT® Heavy Duty Tempering Furnaces For Ferrous Alloys And Aging PH Stainless Steels Featuring Class 1 Performance

Dayton, OH:  DELTA H® recently supplied twin SCAHT®-HD (Heavy Duty) Series convection furnace systems to Winston Heat Treating.  The furnaces replaced older tempering systems that were extremely difficult to qualify to even Class 5 (+/- 25F).  Pyrometry expert Andrew Bassett of Aerospace Testing and Pyrometry (ATP) recommended to Winston Heat Treating management the acquisition of DELTA H furnaces as “the easiest furnace brand to qualify and maintain for aerospace pyrometry compliance, for this specific application”.  The furnaces had to be “heavy duty” for rugged daily use in a commercial heat treating facility.  Another challenging aspect was the ability to heat…
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February 15, 2023

DELTA H® Provides RIDGID® TOOLS Twin SCAHT® Furnace Systems Featuring Rapid Heating and Cooling

Elyria Ohio:  DELTA H® recently delivered twin furnace systems to RIDGID® TOOLS.  The challenging requirement was to heat parts from ambient to 975°F, soak for 2 hours, cool to 120°F as fast as possible, soak 2 hours, then repeat.  The solution was an innovative design featuring all stainless steel interior and low mass ceramic fiber insulation for minimal heat retention.  High powered electric heating elements, coupled with pneumatically operated blast gates and proprietary ductwork / venting enabled the system to accomplish the requirements with precise repeatability total reliability as a “cold to cold” heat treating operation.     The furnaces feature a…
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October 18, 2022