COLUMBUS, Ohio – Coming off a standout year marked by major milestones, DELTA H, a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial ovens and furnaces, looks ahead to another period of innovation and expansion after cementing its reputation for quality and service.

2023 Achievements:

  • Surpassed 450 lifetime oven and furnace installations, affirming position as a trusted industry leader
  • Conducted hundreds of technical service and preventative maintenance projects to uphold optimal performance and product reliability
  • Invested in substantial inventory of official OEM spare parts with overnight shipping to minimize client downtime
  • Continued fulfilling sizeable military contracts and forging new commercial partnerships especially with demanding aerospace applications

2024 Strategic Priorities:

Poised for another year of robust growth, DELTA H sets it sights on expanding production capabilities, enriching customer support and further cementing its stature in industrial thermal processing technology. Areas of focus include:

  • Releasing advanced new products to fulfill rising market demand
  • Investing in expansive spare parts inventory for immediate delivery of critical components
  • Leveraging field service expertise for preventative maintenance and technical upgrades
  • Cultivating high-potential commercial relationships in sectors like medical and automotive as well as aviation and aerospace

“Our commitment to precision manufacturing and comprehensive customer service continues driving our advancement as we enhance our offerings to meet evolving industry needs,” said Richard Conway, Director/CTO of DELTA H.

With sound business fundamentals and a customer-focused strategic vision, DELTA H heads into 2024 exceptionally well-positioned for sustainable growth and technology leadership.

To learn more about DELTA H’s capabilities and request a custom quote, visit

For the text, I have updated with better – more accurate and defendable numbers for how many we have sold – someone could call bullshit on 1000… Verified with Ellen – 450 is defendable.

Also – that thing – our brand DELTA H – always all caps, and at least at the top or heading include Alt 0174 for registered trademark ® – then make subscript – or however you wish to make it.

The bullets are good – consistent with most of what we wanted to convey.

We were really after statements to convey our “decades of engineering and design expertise – 3D modeling, and manufacturing excellence – which is implied, but it needs graphics – photos.  Also – that we are a turn-key solution from design conception to full delivered and commissioned system.

That could be a banner – or weave into this, though old news to many who get our PRs and see published things in the trades.

In addition to the below which we integrated into that photo below – circle concept, you have plenty of pix to include on your data base from our web site.

The photos of Randolph are very good – beautiful examples.

Difficult to suggest how to weave this all together as it not our thing, but your area of expertise as graphic designers – on top of latest / greatest concepts.

Bottom line…..  all points are good with my revision, but weave in photos or have some at top / bottom or even watermark – however you see fit. I am sure you will nail it.  People are hardwired to remember photos / graphics better than a page of bullet points, which we can reasonably assume very few will get to the bottom of.

Not too concerned with the second one – only focused on this first for now.,