Aluminum Aging Ovens

As part of our walk-in series of ovens, DELTA H offers Aluminum Aging Ovens for process larger aerospace parts. In-sourcing heat treating is simple and easy with a DELTA H Oven. Sending parts out for heat treating is not only costly but often there are expediting fees and quality control issues. Having an AOG is costly and can negatively impact competitiveness and customer relationships. Quality control issues, scrap and re-work from improperly heat treated or handled product further complicates the issue and adds to losses.

The DELTA H Kit Walk-In Oven is your solution.

DELTA H Aerospace Systems are built to meet the demanding standards of the aviation industry. We know there can be no compromise in quality or performance when it comes to “parts that fly”. We know also that your equipment needs to reflect these high standards by being masterpieces of engineering and craftsmanship with features that directly address the specific needs of your unique requirements. DELTA H Aerospace Systems offer:

walk-in batch oven

  • Walk-In Aging Oven: Ideal complement to our larger Single Chamber Aluminum Heat Treating systems for aging aircraft grade aluminum following solution heat treatment, forming and straightening
  • Fast Delivery Kit Ovens: Standard models can ship in 4-5 weeks then assemble in 3-5 days
  • Built for Aerospace: Come “plug and play” for aerospace pyrometry meeting AMS2750G previously known as AMS2750E, Nadcap and all other specifications with full training and product support after commissioning
  • Precision Operation: Will meet Class 1 uniformity and typical certified TUS volume span is less than 2F
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: Standard models operate to 400F and 450F intermittently
  • Controls: UL certified enclosure houses all controls, programmable temperature, digital recorder optional
  • Certifications: Thermocouples come with full certification at standard operating ranges and special limits of error, all controls and recorder channels are calibrated and certified traceable to N.I.S.T.
  • Heating: Gas or electric heated systems are standard
  • Simplistic Use and Operation: An oven DESIGNED FOR AEROSPACE with every detail focused on ease of use

The furnace is one great design. We sure made a great decision going with DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC.

Gene GentileHeat Treat Manager, Frank Roth Company, Inc.