Single Chamber Heat Treating Furnace for Aerospace 

DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC offers the only fully “Turn-Key”, AMS2750E and Nadcap qualified single chamber heat treating furnace specifically designed for the aircraft maintenance, aviation, and aerospace industry.

Out-sourcing heat treated parts typically require a 5-7 day turn-time or more which often leads to increased AOGs, quality control issues with part tracking, and then there are expensive rates charged by heat treaters on top of already costly shipping fees. Routine quality control issues add more time and costly rework to your heat treat job. Aircraft Maintenance crews must be put on hold while parts are shipped to and from the vendor which adds more days to the completion time.

The revolutionary DELTA H Single Chamber Heat Treating Furnace now allows you to heat treat parts that can then be instantly installed on an aircraft as soon as complete and inspected.  Often clients report an ROI of well less than a year to a few months.  

  • Single Chamber Heat Treating Furnace: designed specifically for performing a wide variety of aerospace aluminum heat-treating applications including solution heat-treating, annealing, and aging (precipitation hardening).
  • Design and Performance Specifications:  The design standards for the furnace/oven system are per National Fire Protection Association publication NFPA-86, 2011 edition, Ovens and Furnaces and Factory Mutual (FM).  The SCAHT system is designed to meet the initial and periodic inspections, calibration and certification standards for temperature uniformity, loading heating recovery, and temperature control specification requirements as stated per:
    Boeing Process Specification BAC 5602 and 5621K
    McDonnell Douglas Corporation – Douglas Process Standard DPS 1.700
    Airbus 80-T-36-1010
    Agusta Westland STA100-81-39
    Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc. – Aerospace Material Specification AMS 2750E Pyrometry and AMS2770N.
  • Our models include all necessary equipment for Nadcap certification.
  • Class 1 or Class 2 throughout the full temperature range, though Class 2 is more common for both chambers to have quarterly control calibrations. The typical span of temperatures during the TUS at 985F is 3-4 degrees F in the furnace and 1-2 degrees at 375F when in “Aging Mode”
    If needed, our models can qualify for Class 1 (+/- 5F) from 200F to 1200F).
    Instrumentation Types A, B, C, or D are available with type B and C being the most common.
  • Certified Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) Volume:  Standard models offered are:
    18 inches wide, 12 inches high and 24, 36, 48 or 72” inches long
    24 inches wide, 16 inches high and 24, 36, 48 or 72” inches long
    30 inches wide, 30 inches high and 36, 48 or 72” inches long
    Custom sizes are available
  • Heat Treat In-House: Return On Investment is typically less than a year
  • Easy to Use: Our aerospace heat treating furnaces feature an easy to use, state-of-the-art and intuitive interface that includes a digital paperless recorder with a touch screen, part batch documentation, remote viewing/ control, and secure records indicating the precise soak time at temperature and the quench delay time.
  • Atmosphere: Parts can be heat treated in an air atmosphere or inert argon atmosphere to minimize surface oxidation.  With aircraft maintenance, air or argon atmosphere is all that is necessary for most parts that are encountered.  Reducing atmospheres are for “other things” rarely encountered in a hangar metals technology back shop.
  • Roll Away Quench Tank / Manual Quench: A roll-away stainless steel quench tank is featured under the furnace with options for agitation and heating/cooling.  Most heat treating needs for aircraft maintenance are small parts, so an elegantly simple manual quench is all that is needed. 
  • All inclusive packages: Turn-Key system includes everything required to start heat treating parts
  • Full Training: We train your team at your facility and provide the necessary initial forms and certifications
  • Meets All Pyrometry Specifications: Fully compliant heat treating systems exceeds AMS-2750E, Nadcap accreditation, USAF/NAVAIR TO 1-1A-9
  • Unparalleled Service and Maintenance Support:  Maintenance contracts available, 24/7 service and support, and available contract pyrometry services for maintaining pyrometry records – periodic calibrations, TUS, SAT, etc. 
  • Proven Design and Concept: Currently serving major aircraft OEMs, MRO facilities (especially where C and D checks are performed), aircraft parts manufacturers and both US and Allied Armed Forces globally.
  • Delivery – Warranty: Standard models ship in 6-8 weeks – 1-year warranty, optional 2-year with full-service support

Custom controls, atmosphere control systems, recorder systems, and electronics packages,
as well as other options are available upon request.

Contact us at 740.756.7676 ext. 104 to discuss a new heat treating system, place an order or review custom options.

The furnace is one great design. We sure made a great decision going with DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC.

Gene GentileHeat Treat Manager, Frank Roth Company, Inc