ROI Study & Project Analysis

Ellen Conway, vice president of sale and industry expert, will handle your ROI Study & Project Analysis. Ellen will collaborate with you and your team and together decide what solutions will best fit your company’s current heat treating needs and future goals. At DELTA H we speak your language and have “earned our wings” in the Aerospace Industry.

Would your team like to:

  • Eliminate its costly out-sourced heat treatment needs and save thousands of dollars a year?
  • Attain a competitive edge by having the fastest turn-around time possible for heat treat parts?
  • Significantly reduce re-work and warping issues?
  • Obtain the latest cutting-edge AMS2750G previously known as AMS2750E technology for Aerospace?
  • Add heat treat services to your list of capabilities and make money?

Your ROI Study & Project Analysis will include:

  • Challenge breakdown
  • ROI report (analyze costs of outsourcing vs in-house)
  • Technical consultation with CTO
  • Selection of most viable alternative (personal DELTA H system vs other option)
  • Formal technical quote provided
  • Formal pro-forma invoice (cost breakdown)
  • Formal proposal and presentation for executives

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