Industrial Heat Treating

DELTA H offers a wide variety of economical industrial heat treating systems designed to meet all of your thermal processing needs.

Our industrial heat treating catalog includes a full line of walk-in ovens, cabinet ovens, truck ovens, box ovens and high-temperature furnaces configured as a batch or continuous system.

One of the most popular and versatile products is our Walk-In Oven series. These systems are offered with full, turn-key installation by our skilled team or can be installed yourself as a kit system. This modular thermal processing system is available in stock sizes or can be designed to almost any scale imaginable. Systems can be configured to run up to a maximum temperature of 850°F and are heated by natural gas, propane or electric heating elements depending on your specific size and application.

We offer a variety of hi-temperature furnaces for industrial job shop and general tooling applications that range in temperature from ambient to 2300° F. Our hi-temperature furnaces are constructed with a 1/8″ epoxy coated steel exterior shell with an aluminized or stainless steel interior chamber. We insulate our furnaces with only the highest quality refractory brick that resists spalling and ceramic fiber blanket for maximum heat retention.

The airflow pattern and velocity of air are critical to the successful heat treatment and high quality finished parts. Our exclusive adjustable duct and deflector designs that ensure your product will receive balanced airflow with exceptional temperature uniformity throughout the entire process. Airflow patterns can be configured as a bottom-up, top-down or side to side depending on your specific application.

All DELTA H control enclosures are UL listed, built to NFPA-86 standards and included additional safety interlocks. Multiple options are included for temperature control including single setpoint and advanced systems with multiple programmable ramp/soak cycles. Process recorder options are available in digital touch-screen with real-time remote temperature and diagnostic information via network/ Wi-Fi as well as standard round-chart paper versions.

Applications include annealing, aging, tempering, inert gas, composites, industrial finishing, powder coating, paint curing to name a few.

All systems are made in the USA and we offer fast delivery available for popular standard models.

Industrial Heat Treating for Thermal Processing

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