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The DELTA H Cabinet Oven (DHCO) series of industrial batch ovens are designed to serve the heat treatment with ultrafast delivery, engineered value, high quality, and precise performance, all at an extremely competitive price. This proven batch oven design comes ready to immediately begin returning your investment upon arrival; our complete “plug and play” package and most models can ship in just 7-10 business days. The DELTA H Cabinet Oven (DHCO) batch oven systems are designed for heat treatment applications such as drying, composite curing, powder coating and paint baking, drying, heat treating, aging, annealing, heat-setting, stress-relieving, R&D, and other industrial process heating needs. The DELTA H Cabinet Oven (DHCO) batch oven series systems feature side wall mounted internal ductwork for precision directional side-to-side supply air flow and a top mounted blower/heater unit (BHU) for easy maintenance and highly user-friendly operation. The DELTA H Cabinet Oven (DHCO) batch oven series ovens feature an integral top plenum for hot supply air from the BHU which is then blown into the work chamber from the left and returned through the right by our exclusive DELTA H airflow ducts and provides excellent +/-3°F temperature uniformity by being infinitely adjustable to meet your various heat treatment needs simply tweaking the directional ducts.


The general design style of the DELTA H batch oven is a panel type with assembled insulating panel sections. The “U” shaped wall and ceiling panels easily fit together and are assembled with “pre-located” PIM nuts and pre-cut / formed sheet metal sub-components. Each panel section is cut to length and 2.5 feet wide by 6 inches in depth. Upon completing the installation of the insulation, cover panels are placed on the exterior walls to complete the assembly. The final batch oven structure is a double walled and structurally sound heat treatment enclosure which is thermally efficient up to 850°F maximum.

Field Wiring

Provide an electric power supply with adequate amperage capacity as stated per your oven design. All power and interconnecting wiring between components must comply with National Electric Code, ANSI/NFPA 70 – most recent version.

Industrial cabinet ovens
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industrial cabinet ovens

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