Consulting For Industrial Furnaces, Kilns, Ovens and Production Processes

Consulting Services Provided

  • Engineering analysis and problem solving services performed personally by Richard B. Conway, Chief Technology Officer of DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC – offering over 30 years of industrial experience.
  • Analysis of furnace, kiln and/or oven system designs to resolve production defects, modifications to enhance output or to improve operation, and reduce operating expenses.
  • Design services for thermal processing technologies for new products or processes


During a consulting project, Mr. Conway strictly represents the interest of the client – with compensation based on hours worked or per a retainer agreement.

Problem Solving Methodologies

Typically, a three phased classical engineering problem solving methodology is used, involving problem identification, generating feasible alternatives and selection and implementation of the most practical alternative. Often 70% to 90% of a project is dedicated to identifying the real problem. Once a problem is stated with scientifically defensible data, the solutions for repair are often simplistic and obvious.

Richard B. Conway

  • Industrial and Systems Engineer
  • Ceramic Engineering Technician
  • Heat Processing Technician

Background and Experience

Richard Conway offers a unique combination of industrial and educational experiences to assist manufacturing firms in solving thermal processing system and production problems. In addition to training in several technical disciplines, Mr. Conway has studied creative problem solving methodologies and logic at university level. Successful projects have involved heat treating and atmosphere controls, ceramic and materials drying and firing as well as facility level economic analysis of production alternatives. Mr. Conway’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering, Associate of Applied Science Degrees in both Ceramic Engineering Technology and Heat Processing Technology and specialized training in military aviation electronics.

Work experience and past employers included U.S. Air Force, AP Green Refractories, Hotwork, Inc., North American Manufacturing Company, Pereny Equipment Company (now Unique/Pereny Kilns), Brimstone Equipment Company and Accutherm, Inc. In 1990, Mr. Conway founded DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC while attending classes at The Ohio State University (OSU) as a returning adult student. Upon graduating from OSU in 1993, Mr. Conway continued developing and growing DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC into a successful business with over 800 clients to date. Now 23 years later, DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC is a family business and continues to expand its product offerings and looks forward to a bright future of growth and success.