Aerospace Heat Treating Furnaces & Ovens manufactured by DELTA H offer one of the fastest ROI’s available in the aerospace industry by eliminating the costly out-sourced and inefficient heat treatment process. Heat treating jobs can now be duplicated a thousand times in-house with absolutely no deviation in quality. All processing data is recorded digitally and can be delivered via a Wi-FI/ network connection or a printed copy which provides a guarantee that the heat treatment was performed to exact specifications. Not only is this a value-added service you can provide to your customers, it is a requirement in the aerospace industry.

At DELTA H, “we speak your language”, know your aerospace heat treating requirements and deliver exactly what you need.  Due to our deep understanding of the aerospace industries, thermal processing requirements and dedication to providing quality heat treatment equipment, our heat treating furnaces & ovens have been embraced worldwide by the military, major OEM and MRO companies since 1998.

Research studies have shown that upwards of 85% of aircraft parts that require heat treatment are actually just 3 feet or less in length—eliminating the need for a large and expensive drop-bottom heat treating furnace. The compact size and small footprint of the DELTA H Dual Chamber Furnace & Oven and Single Chamber High-Temperature Furnace is an ideal fit for almost any facility. What makes us different from our competition is that we design and build our heat treating furnaces and ovens from the ground up around the needs and high demands of the aerospace industry.

Non-ferrous metal (aluminum, copper alloys) processing: melting, casting, solution heat treating, aging, precipitation hardening, annealing, age hardening, and others.

Ferrous metal (steel) processing: annealing, hardening, carburizing, decarburizing, neutral hardening, carbonitriding, tempering, aging, precipitation hardening, quenching, bright annealing, normalizing, brazing, and others.

Aerospace Case Studies

Air Carrier MRO


An air cargo company was facing increasing concerns with replacing structural components with the older aircraft of their fleet.

  • Parts can be fabricated but must be heat treated for desired hardness and strength
  • Modern requirements make this process more intimidating
  • Heat treating is outsourced increasing cost due to expense of vendor and expediting fees
  • Lead time was 3-5 days when process time ranged from 9-25 hours typically


The cargo company decided to in-source heat treating. Upon deciding to purchase a new oven, the cargo company found four manufacturers that could provide a unit capable of processing their parts, but one, “The DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Dual Chamber Furnace / Oven had features that made the others pale in comparison.”

“For what a DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Furnace brings to an MRO – it is priceless!”


Industrial Heat Treating

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