DELTA H Heat Treating Solution Used to Restore Historic Plane

By January 31, 2018November 2nd, 2021Heat Treating, News, Projects

A DELTA H heat treating solurion is currently restoring a legendary plane to its former glory. The Lockheed Constellation is an elegantly designed propeller driven transport airliner for military and civilian use. Often referred to as “Connie” the airliner remained in production from 1943 to 1958.

Restoration of planes like the Constellation typically happens for one of two reasons. They become a static display in a museum or to be made airworthy. Static display restorations ensure the plane is seen in its former glory which will allow future generations a glimpse of the past. According to the Strategic Air & Space Museum. In contrast, restoring a plane to airworthy condition takes roughly more than ten times the funding.

In order to restore an aircraft, a state of the art heat treating system is required to repair damaged parts. The science of heat treating has not changed which allows restorers to use modern furnaces to fulfill their restoration projects.

We are proud to announce that our very own dual chamber furnace is making the Lockheed Constellation flight-worthy again. We design our systems specifically to meet AMS 2750E which allows precise traceability and data recording during heat treating process. Above all, the dual chamber furnace exceeds all uniformity requirements which ensures the heat treat process is successful. Digital paperless reports are available on the client’s network. This technology ensures the aircraft is in fully compliant at all times. Furthermore, every step of the process is recorded and can be reviewed at any time in the future.

The Lockheed Constellation is an important piece of aviation history and was a presidential aircraft for U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower. This restoration project will ensure this piece of aviation history is celebrated for many generations to come.

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The Lockheed Constellation