High-Temperature Tooling Furnaces

DELTA H High-Temperature Tooling Furnaces provide the ability to quickly perform a wide variety of metal heat treating, ceramic drying, firing, material processing applications in an air or custom atmosphere at high temperature. The proven high-temperature tooling system uses high-efficiency ceramic fiber insulation, is ruggedly designed, and is ideal for both industrial production and research heat treat applications. By blending the ratio of supplied nitrogen, hydrogen, or carbon monoxide gases, a wide variety of heat treating furnace atmospheres (endothermic, exothermic, cracked ammonia, and others) can be quickly created without the need for specialized generating equipment. An optional alloy retort assembly provides the ability to perform high purity atmosphere heat treating. Our High-Temperature Tooling Furnace provides the ability to quickly perform a wide variety of metal thermal processing, ceramic drying, and firing, or material processing applications in an air or a custom atmosphere.

Respectfully serving the Automotive, Tooling, and Gear Industries.

Features include:

  • 2250 or 2000 F heat treat furnace chamber (1900 degrees in reducing atmosphere)
  • 1200 F oven chamber with recirculation air for temperature uniformity
  • Heavy duty 3/16 inch steel plate shell, atmosphere tight construction
  • Programmable temperature control
  • Atmosphere control system using bottled nitrogen/ hydrogen/ carbon monoxide including multiple cylinder gas manifold systems for continuous operation
  • Flame curtain and atmosphere burn-off port
  • Manual or pneumatic furnace door operation
  • Automatic carbon potential control

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DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC delivered us versatility. No other furnace company would consider designing a single system so meet all of our unique needs in ceramics, heat treating, and material science technologies.

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