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December 12th, 2017
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Single Chamber Aluminum Heat Treating System

In-sourcing heat treating is simple and easy with a DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Furnace. Sending parts out for heat treating is not only costly, but often there are expediting fees and quality control issues. Having an AOG is costly and can negatively impact competitiveness and customer relationships. Quality control issues, scrap and re-work from improperly heat treated or handled product further complicates the issue and adds to losses.

The DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Furnace is your solution

DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Aerospace Systems are built to meet the demanding standards of the aviation industry. We know there can be no compromise in quality or performance when it comes to “parts that fly”. We know also that your equipment needs to reflect these high standards by being masterpieces of engineering and craftsmanship with features that directly address the specific needs of your unique requirements. DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Aerospace Systems offer:

  • Single Chamber Versions: Feature “Aging Mode” and are certified for pyrometry from 250F to 1100F
  • Quick ROI: If sending parts out for heat treating, ROI can be less than 1 year. Add an AOG and it is priceless
  • Simplistic Use and Operation: A furnace DESIGNED FOR AEROSPACE with every detail focused on ease of use
  • Manual Quenching: Lightweight aircraft sheet metal parts are easy to manually quench within 3-5 seconds
  • Plug and Play – Turnkey Installation: All inclusive packages – nothing else to buy
  • Full Training: We do all training and provide necessary initial forms and certifications
  • Meets All Pyrometry Specifications: Full compliance to AMS-2750E, Nadcap and other specifications
  • Proven Design and Concept:First designed and built in 1998, over 40 units are in service with clients including all major OEMs, Aircraft Parts Suppliers and MRO facilities
  • Delivery – Warranty: Standard models ship in 6-8 weeks – 1 year warranty, optional 2 year with full service support
The furnace is one great design. We sure made a great decision going with DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC.
Gene Gentile Heat Treat Manager, Frank Roth Company, INC

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