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December 12th, 2017
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The DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Kit Oven (DHKO) series of industrial walk-in ovens was designed to provide the thermal processing industry with a great quality oven with both fastest delivery and most competitive costs. The modular design of the DHKO system features a standard oven panel box design, a simple wall mounted internal baffles for precision directional airflow, and a heat chamber with either a gas or propane fired burner or electric heating elements. The ovens are easy to assemble for a wide variety of industrial thermal processing applications. The recirculation air blower and burner assembly can be located on the sides, back, or on the top of the oven. The DHKO series ovens feature a top plenum for hot supply air from the blower which is blown into the work volume chamber from both side walls and provides excellent temperature uniformity. Exhaust air is drawn from the bottom of the chamber and further enhances to performance.

  • Save Time and Don’t Conform Your Process to Standard Designs
  • Build Your Own Oven and Save Thousands in Shipping and Constuction
  • 22 Years in the Thermal Processing Industry Now Offering the DIY Solution
  • Fastest Delivery Times in the Industry
  • Instructional Video, Manual, and Bill of Materials are sent with each oven for easy to follow, step-by-step guides to building your new oven.
DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC was able to come up with an economical composite oven solution for my aerospace business that far exceeded my expectations. All from 2500 miles away and never meeting. Thanks!
Kevin Eldredge Owner, Kee Ventures

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