DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Furnace Is Instrumental in Ambitious Aircraft Restoration Project

By August 11, 2014November 2nd, 2021News

In one of most ambitious restoration projects to date, a DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC furnace is being used to help restore a legendary aircraft to glory. The project to make a Lockheed Constellation airworthy is underway. Using a DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC furnace provides “in-house” aluminum heat treating capability. This means that what used to take weeks with commercial heat treating services can now be accomplished in as little as one day. This makes heat treating “manageable” whereas before it was often viewed by management as a wasteful process that could completely compromise the best laid plans for production. It used to be that parts were sent out for heat treating, and the return time could be anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. Occasionally parts were returned that were not in compliance. The lengthy process was made longer and more frustrating by the fact that non-compliant parts could not be used. Because of how expensive and time-consuming this process was, it gained a reputation as a “black hole.” This was a considerable issue in heat treating, and crippled production. The “in-house” heat treating provided by a DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC furnace transforms the process. In addition to being easy to use, the DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Furnace comes “plug and play” with everything needed already in full compliance with all modern aerospace pyrometry standards in order to heat treat “parts that fly”. In early July 2014 the system was commissioned with a team of Lufthansa personnel who were becoming certified to perform heat treating with their DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Furnace.

15-feet long Gantt charts stacked an inch thick lay out the project schedule step by step.

The Lockheed Constellation is an important piece of our history. It was an aircraft that served as military transport and as the commercial aviation flagship aircraft for Lufthansa and TWA during the late ‘50s and early 60’s. It was also used as a presidential aircraft for U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower.DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, LLC is deeply honored to be a part of this one-in-a-lifetime project; the Lockheed Constellation is a piece of aviation history, something the restoration project will ensure is maintained and celebrated for many generations to come.