The Power of Heat Treating

By November 16, 2014November 2nd, 2021News

For most of my adult life, I have been involved in sales of one form or another. My big break into heat treating arrived when I joined Lab-Line Instruments where I learned about the wonderful world of heat applications. I have sold Incubators, ovens, furnaces, walk-in chambers; all using heat for everything from thawing plasma to mapping the human genome, or shelf life testing baby food formulas to curing cement for testing the roads we travel on.

Over 95% of all that the modern world looks at, researches, or manufactures involves heat. Your house, your car, the tools you use, all in some way were manufactured by or use heat to perform its functions. The universe itself was born and revolves around heat. The dawn of man and his ability to create and contain heat separated us from all the other species on this planet. We are what we are because of heat, so it is easy to get caught up in it.

My life at Delta-H involves five of my greatest passions; Aerospace, Transportation, Science, Technology and most of all, Heat. Quite simply, at DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES we make the things that everybody needs to make the things. From heat treating metals and composites that are used in the planes you fly in or used in the rockets that leave this planet, we make the things that make that. From the race cars revolving around a track, to the boats literally flying off the water, we make the things that make that. From the huge blades you see on the windmills in windmill farms to the satellites that give us the weather forecast; yep, we make the things that make that.

DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES manufactures bench top furnaces used for heat treating tools and parts, large floor models ovens and furnaces for heat treating and aging metals and curing composites used in aerospace and the composite industries, to huge walk-in ovens used to heat everything from helicopter blades to boat hulls to specialized storage vessels.

Some of our largest customers are NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Bell Helicopters. Wow, what an incredible place to work!