What is AMS 2750E?

A specification authored and governed by SAE International Per AMS (Aerospace Material Specification) 2750

AMS 2750E

First published in April of 1980, AMS 2750 was introduced to cover specifics for thermal pyrometry involving the use of heat treating equipment. Its primary purpose is to give better definition to the pyrometry specifications required in AMS2770 for heat treating parts.

In particular it covers the Thermocouples, Controllers, and Recording Apparatus and the tight temperature specifications needed on Ovens and Furnaces for heat treating parts that fly, as well as the System Accuracy Tests (SATs) and Temperature Uniformity Surveys (SUTs) to be performed to keep these systems in calibration to the specifications required within AMS 2750.

The latest revision is AMS 2750E published in July of 2012, and it covers the changes and modifications made to the original document and subsequent revisions to keep the specifications up to date on the standards set forth by the governing agencies associated with the aerospace and heat treating industries. This revision is acceptable as an option to BAC5621 (see our blog regarding AMS 2750E and Boeing BAC5621 in this website) and is also used in NADCAP accreditation.

  • 1.1 This specification covers pyrometric requirements for thermal processing equipment used for heat treatment. It covers temperature sensors, instrumentation, thermal processing equipment, system accuracy tests, and temperature uniformity surveys. These are necessary to ensure that parts or raw materials are heat treated in accordance with the applicable specification(s).
  • 1.2 The specification is not applicable to heating, or to intermediate thermal processing unless specifically referenced by a material or process specification.
  • 1.3 This specification applies to laboratory furnaces and heat treating systems to the extent specified in 3.6

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