Southern California: DELTA H® was recently recognized by a major military aircraft support facility for the excellent performance and reliability of a SUPER DCAHT® furnace system supplied 2018. The massive dual chamber furnace system features twin 30” wide, 16” high, and 120” long work volumes, with both being capable of operation from 250°F to 1,200°F as Class 2.  Both chambers feature the exclusive “AGING MODETM” venting system which enable not only low temperature operation, but also rapid cooling. Both chambers are capable of aluminum solution heat treating, annealing, and aging, as well as PH stainless aging and stress relieving.

The furnace system features a massive quench tank which is over 12 feet long. The tank features a powered drive system, a heating system, auto-refill of water, a high temperature external water pump, and electronic sensors for quench delay recording. 

The model DCAHT®-3016120-1200/1200-BAC has specific features for primary compliance to BAC5621, as well as now AMS2750G. The system provides tamperproof batch records, simplistic means of performing the temperature uniformity survey (TUS) as well as the system accuracy test (SAT), and designed requires minimal maintenance. The control and data acquisition feature Honeywell instrumentation and customized software. All necessary compliance and operator training provided by DELTA H®.

“This furnace system is, by far, the easiest system to maintain and has virtually 100% reliability. We especially appreciate the rapid technical support when needed from DELTA H.”  

Mike Lawrence, Director – Lawrence Technical Services Company, LLC

“The challenge with this project was to have both chambers be able to operate and qualify over the full range of the required temperatures for aviation grade aluminum heat treating. This is especially helpful with the long aging cycles relative to the solution heat treating cycles – either, or both chambers can be used for aging – which helps minimize bottlenecks. When it comes to support for an aircraft on ground (AOG), every minute is potentially costing thousands of dollars and this system has performed every time needed. We have now supplied additional systems of this design to the same client – as a standard model.”

Richard B. Conway, Director / CTO – DELTA H®


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Michael Lawrence, Director – Lawrence Technical Services Company, LLC
Independent Contract Maintainer of the SUPER DCAHT® Richard Conway, Director / CTO – DELTA H®


DELTA H® Model DCAHT®-3016120-1200/1200-BAC


DELTA H® Model DCAHT®-3016120-1200/1200-BAC


DELTA H® Model DCAHT®-3016120-1200/1200-BAC