Are you new to the aerospace industry and want to learn more about heat treatment processes and equipment? Delta H Technologies has you covered! We are a leading manufacturer of heat treating equipment for aerospace, industrial, and military applications. In this beginner’s guide, we will discuss the basics of heat treatment and introduce you to our range of furnaces and ovens designed for aerospace applications.

What is Aerospace Heat Treatment?

Heat treatment is a crucial process in the aerospace industry, used to enhance the mechanical properties of various metal components. This process involves heating and cooling materials at controlled temperatures to achieve desired physical and mechanical properties, such as strength, ductility, and hardness. Learn more about the AMS2750G standard and its importance in the aerospace industry.

Types of Aerospace Heat Treatment Equipment

At Delta H Technologies, we provide a wide range of heat treating equipment that meets and exceeds the strict requirements of AMS2750G and Nadcap accreditation. Our products include:

The Benefits of In-House Heat Treatment

By investing in our heat treating equipment, your organization can enjoy several benefits:

  • Reduced Outsourcing Costs: Eliminate the need to outsource heat treatment processes, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Faster Return on Investment (ROI): Our clients typically report an ROI of fewer than two years, with no impact on CAPEX funds. Learn more about our ROI study analysis.
  • Increased Quality Control: Bringing the process in-house allows for better control over quality, leading to enhanced performance and reliability of your components.

Serving a Diverse Client Base

We cater to a broad range of clients, including aerospace OEMs, MROs, Component Repair and Overhaul Facilities, and Aircraft Parts Manufacturers. Trusted by companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, FedEx, and branches of the United States Armed Forces, we provide heat treatment solutions that keep aircraft flying quickly and efficiently. Explore some of our aerospace case studies to see how we’ve helped our clients.

Expert Consultation and Support

Our in-house combustion engineer, Richard Conway, boasts 40+ years of experience in the industrial furnace and heat treatment oven industry. Whether you need maintenance for an existing system, are in the market for a new one, or require a full ROI study analysis, we are here to help.

At Delta H Technologies, we pride ourselves on providing innovative heat treatment solutions tailored to the aerospace industry. With our state-of-the-art equipment, expert consultation, and ongoing support, we aim to help your organization reach new heights in aerospace heat treating. Contact us today to discuss your heat treatment needs!